SATURDAY EVENING  JUNE 11, 2016                                                         


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  This will be a VTPA sanctioned event and is OPEN to all our classes for Tractors and 4x4 Trucks. Non member stock trucks are welcome to pull  and will operate under VTPA rules. We will pull on three tracks and there will be some balancing of pull volumes between sleds so outside truck classes may be assigned to any of the three sleds. We will be using (3) Sleds:  Massetti's Terminator and two VTPA sleds.

The entry fee for non-members is $40 per entry and will include two free pit passes.  Additional pit passes are $40. Trophies will be awarded in the non-sanctioned 4x4 classes for first and second place finishes. Big power Modified Tractors and Trucks are welcome to pull by invitation and will compete on the hot track. Check in areas for trucks and modifieds will be separate from the VTPA tractors. Check-In will be open from 2 P.M. till 4 P.M ; the pit gate closes at 4 P.M ; Drivers Meeting at 6 P.M and the pull starts at 7:00 P.M.

Please arrive at the pull EARLY and check in as soon as you arrive. There will be large number of pullers so we need to keep things moving at the scales.

Please remember that the use of alcohol in the pits will not be tolerated and that vehicles may be inspected upon entry into the grounds.

 Again, Pit Parking will be limited.  Please help out by keeping parking in tight formation.


   CLICK HERE  for VTPA general rules and Truck Rules