Let's Get Pulling?

Valley Tractor Pullers Assn. is a Tractor Pulling Club with over 150 members located all over the central San Joaquin Valley of California.

  The club, VTPA, was formed back in 1983 by a small group of guys brain-storming over long Saturday lunches at a local eatery.  In those early days the idea was to take some old tractors out of the weeds and bring them together for a pulling contest.  The idea caught on! and before long those old rust buckets were being fully restored and the competition got serious.

  Over the next few years the Club size increased, pulling sleds were acquired, the Tractor Classes grew in number,  the pulls got better, and the Pulling Rules got longer ( a lot longer).  Valley Tractor Pullers Assn. became a non-profit corporation in 1994 and we have grown to become a premier pulling club on the west coast.  VTPA made the transition from "hobby play-days" to full fledged shows at local fairs and festivals. The backbone of the club has always been the Antique Tractors but VTPA has adapted to the changing demand for more horse power and excitement in our shows.  Naturally aspirated V-8 Modified classes were brought into the club a few years ago and most recently, a Super Stock 4x4 class was formed.  Frequently, VTPA works with other promoters by blending our basic show with that of the big power modifieds and trucks in combined shows that have something for everyone.  Frequently, these combined pulls feature (3) pulling sleds and well over 100 hooks during  pull shows lasting two or three hours.

  We hope you will enjoy our Web Site and will visit us often.  Here you will find lots of information about our organization and our events.  There will be frequent updates of our schedules, competitor standings, pictures and current events...and who knows, if you're not already, YOU MAY BECOME HOOKED!